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Our high quality ID tags, collars, and leashes help to keep your pet safe and ensure they are returned to you in case they get lost.

ID Tags

Choose from light-weight plastic ID tags, classy polished brass ID tags, and industrial strength stainless steel tags.  

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Personalized Dog Collars & Cat Collars

Double your pet's safety by providing them with one of our ID collars that can be embroidered with your pet's name and a phone number. Many times it's easier for a person to read the larger lettering on an ID collar right away than it is to reach under a pet's chin to read the tag.  We have personalized pet collars to fit any size dog and two collars designed to fit cats including a cat safety collar.

Personalized Dog Collars & Cat Collars

Tags That Don't Make Noise

If you have a medium to large dog, we highly recommend our Quiet Dog Tag. It applies directly to our Wide and Extra Wide dog collars with rivets (included with each order). It is a perfectly silent dog tag.  Although not silent, our plastic ID tags provide a quieter solution for your small dog or cat.

Quiet Dog Tag

Good Quality Tags For The Very Active Dog, Cat, or Pet

Whether you've got a frisbee, ball chasing, river diving canine or a cat whose curiosity is consistently challenging, we recommend the brass tags or stainless steel tags. The small steel tag and the small brass tag work well for very active cats. Steel and brass tag sizes for dogs will vary according to the size of your dog. Please see each ID tag's description for weight recommendations.

Trouble Naming Your Pet?

Have a look on our Pet Name Ideas page for great suggestions of where to get that unique name or see the Pet Name List.

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