Simple Tips On Naming Your Pet

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Simple Tips On Naming Your Pet

Simple Tips On Naming Your Pet
So, you finally decided to get a puppy, dog, kitten, cat or other pet. You've spent many hours talking to breeders and surfed the Internet countless times to find the perfect pet for you and your family. You went from pet shop to pet shop, to pet associations, and animal societies looking and meeting pets until you have found the right one.

Question is: Now what? Your pet needs a name!

Throughout its lifetime, you will use your pet's name 1000's of times.  Here are some tips for finding the perfect name for your new pet.

Remember that dogs and some cats understand brief commands. Names should therefore be easy to remember. Names with two syllables or lesser work well. Don't expect that your pet would be able to respond to you immediately if you name him "John Dewey McArthur".

The name of your pet should not sound like commands. For example, it may be a mistake if you name your dog "Stacy". It's too close to the command "stay", which could prove confusing for your dog.

Remember that you will be using your pet's name in public. Awhile back, there was a joke circulating about someone who had a dog they named "Sex", which got the dog owner into trouble. "Boner" might be funny for your drinking buddies, but may have a different reaction when you are in a veterinarian clinic or at a park.

Ask your kids what they want to name your pet. Let them participate in the name decision process. If they want to name the dog "Champ" or "Tootsie” so be it. If you decided to bring home an older dog or cat, it would probably be best to stick with its existing name if you know it. 

Here are some more pet name ideas and suggestions to get you started:

  • favorite actor or actress,
  • city,
  • state,
  • US president, world leader,
  • color,
  • seasoning or spice,
  • food,
  • event,
  • month,
  • day,
  • movie character,
  • storybook character,
  • artist,
  • band,
  • musician,
  • song, and so on...