Plastic ID Tags

Our plastic identification tags for dogs and cats are light-weight yet durable.  Although not perfectly quiet, they are much quieter than our metal tags and are suitable for medium to small dogs and all cats.  Our plastic pet tags come in seven shapes and six different colors.

Brass ID Tags

Our brass identification tags are polished to a soft gold color and the engraving is filled with a black lacquer for easy reading.  Our small brass tags are perfect for small dogs and cats and the medium to large brass ID tags are great for medium to large dogs.

Stainless Steel ID Tags

Our stainless steel identification tags are industrial quality and are the most durable of all of our ID tags.  Our small steel pet tags work well for small dogs and cats, while the medium and large steel ID tags are perfect for medium to large dogs.

Quiet Dog Tag

Our Quiet Dog Tag is perfectly silent!  It is made of brass and fits on our Wide Dog Collar or Extra Wide Dog Collar. The quiet collar dog tag comes with rivets and instructions and is easy to install on your dog's collar with just a hammer.

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